Dancing Connection

Check out our article in the Southside Times and don’t forget to attend Dancing with the Johnson County Stars at the Franklin Artcraft theater this weekend!

Dancing Connection

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Congratulations Dawn LaPlante, our Safe Place/Host Homes program coordinator, for receiving the Community Partner Of The Year Award. We are so proud of you!

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Youth Connections named Patti the 2017 Youth Worker of the Year at the Youth Connections 9th annual Breakfast of Champions.


Ostler is the Family Service Coordinator at the Martinsville School District and has been with the corporation for 21 years.  She was complimented on her positive energy, dedication and huge asset to the students and the school corporation.


Established in 1976, Youth Connections Breakfast of Champions is the agency’s largest fundraiser.   Over 150 business leaders and community members attended the event.  Bob Lamey, Voice of the Indianapolis Colts was the keynote speaker.


Youth Connection programs include Safe place, Host Homes, Children’s Visitation Center, Custody Evaluations, Families in Transition, Jumpstart /STEM mentoring program.  A speaker’s bureau and community education on human trafficking is also offered.


Youth Connections, (a 501(c) 3 non-profit agency) serves at-risk youth in Johnson and Morgan Counties through crisis intervention, community education and mentoring to foster positive relationships and self-worth.  The organization also provides free summer camps in both Morgan and Johnson Counties.


For more information about the programs provided by Youth Connections, call 317-738-3273.


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Host Homes Needed

Check out our latest article  in the Daily Journal!  Call Dawn Laplante at 317-738-3273 ext. 104  if you are interested in hearing more information about becoming a Host Home Family!


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Jumpstart Success Story

Testimonial success story

Julia, age 8, entered the Youth Connections Jumpstart program due to behavior issues and the inability to control not only her words but also her tone of voice.

Julia was constantly blurting things out without thinking about what she was saying or if she was hurting other classmate’s feelings.  She acted out both impulsively and inappropriately.  Julia struggled to fit in at home and school. Frequently sent home because of her poor behavior, she was an unhappy child, student and daughter.

Once Julia joined Youth Connections Jumpstart program she has shown a great improvement within the classroom and with her classmates.  Now, thanks to the JumpStart program about bullying the incidences of Julia’s poor behavior have decreased. Both teachers and her parents have said the program had a huge impact in her attitude both at home and at school

JumpStart…one of six programs provided by Youth Connections in Morgan County.



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Human Trafficking

What is the second largest criminal industry in the world after drug dealing?  What criminal industry has grossed over 32 BILLION dollars? What industry makes more money than McDonald’s? The fastest growing criminal industry in the United States…Human Trafficking!

What is Human Trafficking?  The use of force, threat of force, fraud or coercion to compel a person into any form of work or service against their will. According to Indiana Law IC 35-42-3.5 Human Trafficking is a person who, by force, threat of force, or fraud engages another person in: forced labor; involuntary servitude; marriage; prostitution and participation in sexual conduct. How does a trafficker identify their victim?  Believe it or not, employers, gangs, drug suppliers, friends, and even some parents are typically the ones who introduce a youth into human trafficking. Social media and peer pressure play a huge part in human trafficking as well.

Human traffickers manipulate their victims. Child victims of human trafficking face significant emotional problems. As they are physically and sexually abused, they develop distinctive medical and psychological needs that affect their early adulthood.

Trafficked youth come from different backgrounds. Many have low self-esteem, family problems, or have been sexually abused in the past. Some may have drug or alcohol problems and are easy prey to human traffickers. Many of these youth are sold over and over.

In conjunction with our Safe Place program, certified Youth Connections staff members are working closely with the Indiana Youth Services Association (IYSA) and Indiana Trafficking Victim Assistance Program (ITVAP) to provide advocacy, information and referral and community education.

Think you may know someone who is being trafficked?  Call the national hotline at 1-888-373-7888 in Indiana call the Indiana Child abuse Hotline 1-800-800-5556 and use the words human trafficking.

For more information, call Youth Connections 317-738-3273.

Together we can end this horrible epidemic.

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