Children’s Visitation Center

Program Info

CVC Coordinator:  Shana Gilbert

Ph: (317)738-3273 ext. 103


I’ve gotten a Court Order for Supervised Visits?  Now What?

Steps for requesting services:

  1. Obtain a Court Order.
  2. Each party sets-up an intake appointment with Youth Connections. Starting July 1, 2018, each party will be charged a non-refundable $25 fee for the intake appointment. 
  3. Have intake appointment with a supervisor where each party will fill out intake forms and go over the visitation procedures.
  4. CVC Coordinator will schedule visitation times.

Services will not begin until both parties have completed the intake process.

Reasons to Use a CVC facility:

  •  Encountering problems at home with your own visitation schedule
  • Inconsistent or irresponsible visits
  • Alcohol or Drug abuse

We want to help establish a stress-free routine for you and your children. 

We can provide: 

  • A positive environment for visits or exchanges
  • On-site monitored visits with video and audio recordings.
  • Off-site monitored visits at Youth Connections approved locations
  • Help to establish a visitation routine, which ensures stability
  • Confidential support to parents and children

Resources to help prepare parent and child for visitation.

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