Success Stories

    Jazyman, age 8, entered the Youth Connections Jumpstart program due to behavior issues and the inability to control not only her words but also her tone of voice.
Jazyman was constantly blurting things out without thinking about what she was saying or if she was hurting other classmate’s feelings. She acted out both impulsively and inappropriately. Jazyman struggled to fit in at home and school. Frequently sent home because of her poor behavior, she was an unhappy child, student and daughter.
Once Jazyman joined Youth Connections Jumpstart program she has shown a great improvement within the classroom and with her classmates. Now, thanks to a JumpStart program about bullying the incidences of Jazyman’s poor behavior have decreased. Both teachers and her parents have said the program had a huge impact in her attitude both at home and at school
JumpStart…one of six programs provided by Youth Connections in Morgan County.


   Elliott- A 10 year old boy was recommended for Youth Connections Jumpstart in October of last year. Sadly, he was not allowed to attend our Jumpstart sessions unless he could complete his homework prior to attending the Jumpstart program. When he finally got to attend the program his first session was one where we were making circuit bugs. He said he had so much fun that he was going to get his homework done all the time so he could come to Jumpstart every week. From that first day until the end of the school year he completed his homework in a timely manner and made it every session and the counselor said that his enthusiasm for school had improved!


    Sarah- An eleven year-old girl who participated in our Jumpstart group mentoring lunch groups has selective mutism. She would not talk to her peers, teachers or other adults; she would simply retreat into her own world. Throughout the year she participated more and more in our group sessions. The girls in her group were very supportive of her and tried to draw her out.
By the end of the year she was openly talking and making friends, as well as singing in the hallways and answering questions in class. The counselor told Youth Connections program coordinator that she was impressed with the impact that we had on the student and that there had been huge change in the young girl during the school year. 

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