What We Do

Our Four Core Roles are Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, Referral Services, Community Education, and Advocacy.

Youth Connections has programs for youth  that are designed to intervene in their life before they engage in delinquency.  We partner this with family education so that families know what to do when faced with a crisis.

We educate the community of topics that are important to youth and their families.  We provide Human Trafficking Awareness training, QPR Suicide Prevention Training, Trauma Informed Care for Parents, and Issues Youth Face in School Awareness.  

Youth Connections works with numerous community partners to get youth and families what they need.  We keep updated lists of all the local services and have a referral system that we utilize when we have a family with a need.

We advocate for our youths we serve with our supervised visitation program by keeping the court informed on how visitations are going.  We also advocate for families by getting them the services they need, providing budgeting classes, and case management.


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