Family Mentoring


What is Family Mentoring?

Family Mentoring is when the Youth Connections staff works with the family  to help them through a crisis situation.  

Are you having a hard time getting your family the assistance they need?

There are a lot of nonprofits out there that help the community. But which are the good ones, which one is what your family needs.  This is where Youth Connections comes in, we will meet with you and  connect you to the resources that can best assist your family to strengthen the family unit.  

Family Mentoring Includes:

1. Initial Intake

2. Referral Assistance, we will make the contact and help you talk to the right people.
3. Have weekly phone calls with dedicated Youth Connections mentor to check in on the situation and help you if you need any other assistance or just be a listening ear.  
4. Monthly face- to- face meetings with dedicated Youth Connections mentor.  

We have experience in working with many agencies and the ability to help you get the help that you need and deserve to strenghten your family.  


Youth Connections has a Community Resources Wall in the office.
This Wall is filled with information on nonprofits and companies in Johnson, Morgan, and Brown Counties.  Feel free to stop by and have a cup of coffee  and visit with us and see how we can help your family. 

Families Helped Last Year