Safe Place


What is the Safe Place Program?

Safe Place is a national program that helps young people who are having trouble and are in need of somewhere to turn. With the aid of local businesses, volunteers, and youth agencies, Safe Place is able to meet the needs of these young people whenever and wherever needed. A Safe Place representative is always available through a 24 hour help line. 1.866.738.KIDS.

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Why Should I Seek Help from Project Safe Place?

More than 3,000 youth leave home every day, often to escape troubling, painful or stressful circumstances at home, at school or with friends.

These youth are desperately seeking immediate relief and may think that running away is their only option. Youth ages 7 to 17 that are having trouble at home, facing a crisis,or who may be in danger can seek help through Safe Place. Some examples of why youth seek help from Safe Place include:

Drug or alcohol problems within their family

To escape physical/sexual abuse or neglect when being stalked or threatened

If they are locked out of the house

When they are without a place to call home

How Can I Get Help?

Call (317) 738-KIDS or go anywhere you see the yellow and black Safe Place logo. These locations have people trained to connect you to help. Some examples of locations include: post offices, banks, fire stations, libraries, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores.

1-866-738-KIDS OR (317) 738-3273
For Fast Help Call 1-866-738-KIDS or 738-KIDS.
You can also call or text 317-727-2571.

When you walk into a Safe Place location, tell the first available employee that you need Safe Place help. The employee will then call the local Safe Place. Safe Place staff will then make sure that you and your family receive the help and professional referrals that you need..