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Length of Term: 3 years with one renewable term
Responsibility to: President of the Board, Board of Directors, and mission of Youth Connections

The four core responsibilities of the Board of Directors for Youth Connections
1. Define Mission and Direction
2. Ensure Leadership and Resources
3. Monitor and Improve Performance
4. Fundraising

Responsibilities Include:
• A Board member must fully understand and support the mission, purposes, and operations of
Youth Connections.
• A Board member is expected to contribute to the financial health and viability of Youth
Connections through the support of the operating fund, special fundraisers. Each Board member
shall determine his own level of financial participation but is expected to become a
“contributing” member of “YC Champions”.
• A Board member is expected to pledge support to Youth Connections fundraising and
development activities by signing the Board Member Pledge of Support (see below).
• A Board member shall fully comply with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and other
federal and/or state regulations governing Youth Connections.
• A Board member must keep in strictest confidence sensitive information learned through his or
her participation on the board to include electronic and personal conversations and
• A Board member shall conduct himself or herself in such a manner as to be a good
representative of Youth Connections.
• A Board member is expected to actively share his or her talents by participating in the
development and implementation of policies, goals, and activities of Youth Connections.
• A Board member must actively promote Youth Connections and seek opportunities to
present the mission to the community.
• A Board member is expected to attend the six regularly scheduled meetings and at least one
special event. If a member misses two consecutive meetings, the Board may terminate the
member’s term of service.
• A Board member is expected to serve on at least one standing committee and occasional ad
hoc committees as may be appropriate.
• A Board member is expected to review written and electronic information and respond
promptly. All members are expected to prepare for all committee and Board meetings by
reviewing the materials and issues in advance.

Qualifications Include:
• Communication and oral Presentation skills
• Initiative
• Integrity
• Analytical ability
• Sensitivity
• Leadership
• Decisiveness
• Strategic Planning Skills
• Preparation and Monitoring Skills

The mission of Youth Connections is to enhance the quality of life for youth and their families in our
community. In order to reach this goal, Youth Connections needs assistance with each of the following
fundraising and development activities. Board members are expected to help with these efforts and by
signing below, you are pledging to help Youth Connections to grow the counties of Johnson, Morgan,
and Brown.

YC CHAMPION- Annual donation
EDUCATE AND COMMUNICATE- Be an ambassador to share the mission of Youth Connections
to build enthusiasm and to foster involvement.
IDENTIFY AND CULTIVATE- Seek opportunities for support from within respective groups and
personal spheres of influence, nurture relationships to develop “friends” for Youth Connections
and to build the pool of prospective donors.
OPEN DOORS- Facilitate introductions to potential donors
SOLICIT- Make one-to-one “asks”… host special events with small groups as a social vehicle to
showcase the mission and share opportunities for support and involvement.
RECOGNIZE AND CELEBRATE- Make personal phone calls or write personal notes to donors
thanking them for their support.
EVALUATE AND IMPROVE- Assess the effectiveness of Youth Connections fundraising policies
and make creative suggestions for enhancing efforts.

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