Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is when one parent/guardian can visit with the child only when supervised by another adult. It is used to keep the child safe and support the parent/child relationship at the same time. If supervised visitation is necessary, the court will order it and it will be part of the court order.  Do not panic if this has happened to you!  Often, supervised visitation is a temporary arrangement that can lead to unsupervised visitation if the  visiting parent meets certain requirements. For example, the non-custodial parent may need to have six months of clean drug tests, seek counseling, or complete an anger management class in order to be awarded unsupervised visits.


1. Obtain a Court Order.
2. Each party fills out the intake request form and pays for their intake. Intake form link 

3. Receive intake forms to sign in your email after submitting request. Sign and submit online.

4. Schedule intake with

3. Have intake appointment via Zoom with a supervisor and go over the visitation procedures.
4.  Visitation Coordinator will schedule visitation times.

What We Provide

1. A positive environment for visits or exchanges

2. On-site monitored visits with video and audio recordings

3. Off-site monitored visits at Youth Connections approved locations

4. Establish a visitation routine, which ensures stability for parents and children.

5. Copies of Notes can be given to either party at their next visitation.

6. Monthly Court updates sent to the Court of Record to update on the status of visitations



“We have been able to slowly bridge co-parenting and communication.   Youth Connections was a great asset and the only organization that would help me protect my son before a court order was established.  I appreciate all that Youth Connections did to help my son start a healthy relationship with his father.   My son now 14, is seeing the great results from that experience.”

My visits were very pleasant at Youth Connections. I was able to spend time with my children. I received visitation with my children in my home, after the Youth Connection meetings. The notes were awesome. They even made notes of little conversations I had with my children. So it’ll always be something I keep. Youth Connections really helped in good, productive manner and I did receive custody because of those visits.”

 “From day one, they were thorough in their findings and documented everything. My daughters father was  emotionally and verbally abusive and they were able to pick up on that within a month of seeing the two interact. The Youth Connections program is focused on allowing the child to have a safe relationship with the other parent during and hopefully after the program; unfortunately this was not the case for us.  Her father was not allowing the visits to be productive and at times he was seen as a safety issue to the staff at Youth Connections.

My daughter is now 12 years old and continues to strive in everything she attempts to do. I will say that without the support from Youth Connections, I don’t see her being where she is now. She still remains shy, but she now knows she has a voice and has been able to use it to stick up for others being bullied. I couldn’t be more proud of where she is today. Great job Youth Connections!