Youth Programs

Youth Connections works to prevent juvenile delinquency by providing out of school programs that can keep youth occupied after school and during the summer free of charge to parents.  We offer youth emergency housing opportunities when youth feel they need to have a safe place to stay while working to resolve any issues at home.  We also offer a 24/7 Crisis Line families can call or text anytime they are facing an issue they can’t handle. Our programs are outlined below:


Our programs

After School Programs

Our After School Programs offer mentoring, homework help, and STEM education.  We offer these at various locations in all 4 counties we service. 

Summer Camp

Our Summer programs are an extension of our after school programs with Mentoring, STEM education, and community projects.  We also offer transportation if needed, a small breakfast and lunch at our camps.

Emergency Shelter

Youth Connections has options for a youths emergency shelter.  When a youth goes to a Safe Place loaction or calls our Crisis line we can offer a 21 day stay at an available Host Home or our partner shelters.  While here we work on getting familes back together and getting them the help they need.